Language Adventure Pros

“During the migrant crisis in fall 2018, I saw that many lawyers wanted to help people at the border, migrants and refugees, but did not have the language capability for it. And I realized that I have the exact qualifications to offer such a program. I partnered with an experienced international teacher to create a curriculum filled with meaningful extracurricular activities.”

Our Founder

Rebecca N. Eichler has over 20 years of experience practicing immigration law primarily in Spanish in the Washington DC area and providing disaster legal aid around the world, working with clients seeking protection under U.S. & international law. Following a year-long road trip from Virginia to Panama and back, she and her family moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 2018 where she works as a human rights advocate, advising deportees from the U.S, migrants in transit, and asylum seekers at the US border. She founded Language Adventure Pros in 2019 in response to the need for Spanish-speaking immigration lawyers at the US-Mexico border.

In fall 2018, she spearheaded central Mexico’s legal aid response to the migrant caravans, providing individual consultations and know-your-rights presentations to hundreds of migrants passing through central Mexico on what to expect at the border. She is one of the subjects of the upcoming feature-length documentary film, Las Abogadas, that follows several women attorneys working with various humanitarian organizations.

Ms. Eichler is a US Army veteran who earned her B.A. at Boston University, J.D. from William & Mary Law School and a Masters of Law in International Human Rights from the University of London.

Our Language Educator

A tenured English professor at the University of Papaloapan in the tropical northern lowlands of Oaxaca, Ms. Mittie Babette Roger works primarily with first-generation students from indigenous communities many of whom speak languages besides Spanish, such as Chinanteco, Mazateco, Mixe, and Zapoteco.

Ms. Roger is a lifelong educator with a Master’s Degree in English, and a longtime resident of Mexico, fluent in Spanish. She is also an advocate for immigrant rights, speaking at the annual cultural week for the SUNEO University system about The Migrant Project, a six-year interview series of Central American migrants traveling through Mexico and recounting their experiences.